Optimize your Office for Clarity, Focus & Effective Action

DIY with a Twist: Game Plan Express - $350

For the motivated DIYer - Get your office in order with a Professional Game Plan

  • “Show Me The Clutter” in a virtual tour of your workspace via webcam

  • Get answers to the toughest questions: Where should this go? AND Where do I start?

  • Implement with confidence using my step-by-step follow up Game Plan for managing your “back office” operations: Infrastructure / Storage / Paper Management / Administrative Systems


Done-With-You Makeover
In A Day

Let me do it WITH YOU: Rapid Results in a Live, On-Site Session

Organize your storage and desk / work surfaces and triage the paper with my no-nonsense approach to purging useless clutter

Upgrade your work environment with immediate feedback and suggestions on those recurring trouble spots we all have

Clarify the finishing touches with the session overview of next steps and recommendations, plus a follow up phone call to answer questions

Additional on-site sessions available OR you "can take it from here" all on your own



Makeover &
Deep Dive

BEST for those who need to optimize their environment AND organize workflow, projects and time management

Includes the Makeover-In-A-Day session to create your Clean Slate

Adds targeted virtual sessions to zero in on maintenance and maximizing your growth strategies:

  • Operational Systems

  • Financial Benchmarks

  • Marketing Protocols




You Want It All: This is the EDGE you’ve been looking for

Your Vision: A Clean, Clarity-inspiring, clean slate office

Easy to Maintain information systems you can use

Done For You Method to catch up with projects and commitments

Custom, Innovative Support to sustain productive routines

Partnership in Achieving your most important goals

A big old dose of daily calm