• Understand that optimizing your work environment, while critical, is only the tip of the iceberg for your business success
  • Are DONE with reinventing the wheel and working double time just to keep up with projects and commitments 
  • Crave solutions you can internalize and master, so your purpose, initiatives and objectives are achievable


  • With a click of the button below you will be directed to PayPal and then to the available dates so you can get the initial on-site session scheduled at a convenient time for you
  • You will receive a welcome email with best practices to prepare for the session

1. The live, at-your-office session - which lasts UP TO 6 hours -  begins with an interview and 'tour' of your office space, specifically dealing with the following topics: Furniture / Equipment, Storage, Paper, Administrative Systems. This may seem like a lot of time, but believe me, it flies! We will be active and at work on your most pressing objectives.

2. The remainder of the session will include activities such as Storage Purge and Organize, Paper Triage, Paper (and/or Digital information) Management System development, Administrative Systems suggestions (how to keep it in maintenance!).

3. When you schedule your initial on-site session you will provide your specific location - street address, city and state. Depending on certain variables such as, but not limited to, travel time, parking, tolls, etc. you may be assessed with a travel fee - which will be due before the session begins. Travel fees range from $50 to $150, but there may be cases that require a larger fee. i will email you with any travel fee assessment.


The Deep Dive sessions will be a series of 4 one-hour video calls to support the system and protocols needed to both manage AND grow your business. The total time for the sessions will be approximately 4 hours. 

During the on-site session, we will discuss and itemize the primary needs and design a bespoke game plan to determine the content of the follow up sessions.

If you have any questions about this service, please contact me using the links below or the Contact page.

SOS reserves the right to decline service or recommend alternate services at its own discretion. In the unlikely event this happens, you will receive a full refund of your payment within 24 hours.

I look forward to being a part of your quest for Clarity, Focus and Effective Action!