Building Professional Excellence
on a personal platform of
Energy, Clarity and Action


You've got work to do.
       A difference to make.
               A reputation to foster.
                An empire to build.

An out-of-control schedule is NOT a winning formula for those outcomes!


MANY business owners feel like they will never catch up with projects and commitments. The most negative impact of that is making decisions with the mindset of I-have-NO-time. The result? Short cuts, compromise and avoidance run the show. 

That's why the initial session is a process that brings reality AND priority to what needs to be done.


Together we will design your OPTIMAL 168 HOURS. A model of your ideal week that has a foundation in Non-Negotiable Routines - from well being to marketing. It's going to be a snapshot of the intersection of personal elements and business management and growth.

To be honest, this will not be some sexy, exotic formula for getting more done. It WILL be a visual display of what you consider to be essential for living well and doing what you KNOW to do to both manage and grow your business.


The one-week model, plus the work of the initial catch up, will be the basis for a high impact and game changing series of 8 more weekly conversations. You will develop the skills of using projects and priorities to advance your most important tasks, elevate your follow through skills and actually find the time to focus!

You will discover the sobering truths and inspiring solutions to your time management complaints of the past. Together, we will eliminate 'time as a constraint' and revitalize it as the resource it was meant to be!



1. It’s super hard (like, scientifically-proven-super-hard) to make significant changes on your own. People are generally more responsive to and reliable at, completing external commitments – those made to others – in this case, to the Schedule Bootcamp drill instructor - me! 

2. Most how-to information is abstract - the ideas might be great, but applying them to your unique scenario is hard to do. In this program, we deal ONLY with what you have on YOUR plate, YOUR lifestyle demands and YOUR specific outcomes

3.  Having a smart, professional, ass-kicking cheerleader in your corner is ALWAYS a good thing!


This series is a 8 week program with one-on-one interactions that deal with both personal and business elements of your schedule. To that end, please complete the application so we can ensure it is the best fit for us both. Once completed, we will have a phone conversation to finalize the process.

And, just because time is not the
ONLY factor in organization,
here's a great BONUS!

Organize My Office! - when you register for the Schedule Bootcamp, you also get access to my
online home-study program to optimize your work environment,
slay the paper hydra and develop the right systems to manage and grow your business! ($97 value)

PRICING: One time payment $1495 OR 2 payments of $800


As a business owner and father to a young child, there is a lot on my plate. I really like structure and accountability, and working with Kathleen on a weekly basis keeps me trued up to not only what must happen, but also to the reality check of what can happen. 

She is a trusted advisor and sounding board for what matters in my life – from exercise to business decisions. I highly recommend having her in ‘your loop’ if you want to get the most out of your time each week.     - Steve L, NYC

Kathleen specializes in small business success. She has led educational programs for years that teach people how to maximize their time and upgrade habits, organize their workspace and develop the best systems to keep everything in order. It’s all about helping business owners up-leveling their process, environment and profits. She is really gifted at what she does, and her approach is down to earth and effective.

What I gained from working with her was a system to keep everything on track and tools to keep my "mess" in order (both personally and professionally) - but especially an effective method for upgrading my performance and setting up my business for increased growth.

Isabelle M, NYC

Before working with Kathleen, I had tried every time management technique known to humanity- well, probably not really but it felt like that to me because for the better part of 20 years I experimented with everything from Franklin Covey Outlook Tasks to Post It Notes.
None of those things matched the effectiveness of what I experienced with Kathleen’s process. I learned to use some simple, yet profound, ways of engaging with the various domains of my own life. Rather than trying to make my life fit a system or paradigm, I am making more conscious, wiser choices about the tradeoffs I want to make with my time.

 Marie Isabel Laurion, DC