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Maybe getting your office organized seems like a good idea but, hey, will it really make that big of a difference for your business?

Well, Yes.

But only if these factors would improve your performance and results:

  • A distraction free environment: No random stacks of paperwork or mini-projects around the room beckoning your attention
  • Getting focused fast with peace of mind
  • Experience of control: everything has a home and way to get there
  • Easily finding information: no need to hunt stuff down when you have a reliable, trusted system in place
  • Ability to delegate confidently: a documented process for optimal work flow

All that from an organized office? You bet.

There are a LOT of reasons your office looks the way it does - including limited time, lack of a reliable system or process for the paper and information, or too many open projects ... to name a few.

But getting organized FROM THE OUTSIDE IN, is a GREAT place to start - in fact, as a professional organizer, I recommend it! Giving your brain a break from the distractions, the uncertainty and - let's just say it - the mess, will instantly elevate your productivity!

Is your business compromised by
your clutter?

Think back over the last few months. Do you have recurring issues as a direct result of disorganization? Do you often have the thought that you “really need to get organized around here”? Do you spend a lot of time looking for things only to not find them and then have to ‘start over’?

Those are just a few examples of how your work place condition is disrupting – in a bad way – your professional performance. And that’s just the external side of things.

There’s probably an internal, self-judgment aspect to it as well. You think it’s some private, personal flaw and there’s probably something wrong with you. You question your discipline and motivation and organizing abilities in general. Not much of a confidence builder!

Does it impact your time management or your reputation? I have had a few clients who are consistently late – with deliverables AND appointments because of the disorganization. (It’s rarely isolated to just the office.) Then they compensate by giving their clients more time or extra features.

Does it cost you money? I recently worked with a client who, as we were sifting through the haystacks of paper, would from time to time say a version of “I guess I was supposed to review this invoice … a few months ago.” And so did not get paid on it. When I asked how much the lack of a protocol for that type of scenario was costing her, she told me “hundreds of thousands of dollars”.

There are other ways to leave money on the table. Business cards in a junk drawer, no protocols for follow up, missing deadlines for proposals or simply making a bad impression of your work ethic that has potential clients opt out.

Your case may not be so extreme as the big money example. Perhaps you have a basic system and just need to tidy up. Maybe you need to REALLY document some processes so you can delegate.  Finally getting that online financial software or deciding on the best CRM system would forward your cause.

But note this: getting your office environment organized and
learning to keep it that way is what the guru of habits – Charles Duhigg -
calls a “keystone habit”.  A keystone habit makes other good practices
not only seem easier, but fosters the motivation to engage with them.

Sounds like more than tidying up is needed?

So, let me be clear. When I talk about getting your office organized, the physical elements of paper, furniture, equipment and all that are the BEST place to start. But those are the tip of the iceberg. Using the organization project as a way to capture and document all the moving parts that NEED YOUR ATTENTION NOW, is the NEXT step.

A good professional organizer, say someone like me, can add tremendous velocity to the fundamentals of restoring order to your environment AND a great professional organizer (ahem) will provide guidance and structure to create those operational protocols and systems that will KEEP it that way.

Honestly, there are a number of ways to work with me, but this article is actually a way to let you know about a NEW, low-cost way to get that done.

I am launching an online, on-demand course that includes as much detail as possible from the work I do with private clients in an easy-to-consume video series. There will be templates and guides, of course. But you’ll ALSO have access to personal advice and tips from me on the facebook page.

Nuff said – take a peek and let me know what you think (or just register!)

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