Confessions of an organizer geek

I admit it, I am a full blown, to-the-core organization geek. However, I am not an obsessed, military-minded, rigid kind of geek, just someone innately fascinated with what makes life – and business – work smoothly. I am preoccupied with the question “how can this process/ structure / environment be more effective?”  

My guiding mantra is: Peaceful, Not Perfect.

And yes, I AM one of those people who was ‘born with it’. First thing that happened when I learned the amazing combination of writing and telling time, sometime in the first grade, was to start making 48-hour schedules of child care and household maintenance for my entrepreneur parents. (Don’t ask where the 48 hours came from, maybe as far out as I could plan at the time!)

My big girl jobs all included organizing – whether it was in the job description or not- and my theme of improving the process always took the lead. I learned all about managing a lot of information and making it easy to access as part of a small team of a BIG Wall Street database development project. Got my spatial chops honed when I was the sales and design trainer for a major closet company.  Pulled it all together as an event manager, where all the logistics, planning and space management happen … along with the ‘wild card’ of coordinating lots of people!

To state the obvious: I love your clutter and chaos. What looks to you like a daunting, difficult endeavor, to me is an inspirational challenge that calls forth my most efficient AND creative solutions. I can think "outside YOUR box" and design the right structures to anchor what's most important to you, with time left over to thoroughly enjoy the rest of life!

If you are READY to engage with organization to create lasting change, and WILLING to learn new ways of operating, then MAKE IT SO!

You don’t have to be ‘born with it’ – Organization is a skill set that can be learned. It would be my pleasure to hold the back of the bike.